sábado, 3 de enero de 2009


I´m tired of preaching the "wisdom" I supposed having obtained in my experiences in life. I´m tired of reflections in the mirror window. Life is life. If I analize everydammthing I get lost. I miss what´s happening, etc. etc. etc. I´m tired of past phantoms. I´m tired of ghosts. Sometimes this bizarre way of thinking attracks shit, and I impregnate everyway I go with the neuras of retention. It´s like working for your enemy. I´m tired of excuses of saturn making rain only in my garden. I´m tired of being focused in me, just in me, in what I think or do or suppose others do to me. Tired of what I used to be near today. Tired of old mechanisms learnt somewhere sometime a long time ago. I need to became free of all that in order to start living my own life. I´m tired of feeling somewhere in the middle of everything, like an observer non participant. It´s so tirening, you start to realise why I use the word tired of so many times. I need to laugh so low so hard as joy making me burst, making me explode of the seriousness I always wear...tearing this costume appart and making nudity of soul appear as a strong light, contagius.

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