lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008


tramparaña son las mañas que tiene el bicéfalo berrinche
con tanto bochinche, se ha convertido en malinche.
malinche que hincha las ganas
ay! de una trompada, la dejaría sentada.
y un chichón le estamparía en la cara,
a esta villana marrana.

The show is over, you must come back from the mountains.
The show is over, you must calm down.
Leave your witch dress on the closet, and please...
can you hear me?

I think she got lost somewhere. She seems tired, she is pushing limits just to find her limit. She knows thats not the way but still persevere in bad ways. She is rude now. I need you to help her. She must wake up, now. The trip is over. But she doesn´t answer my prairs, neither my calls.
I can´t give up that easy. I thought she had learnt the tiring lessons, but she turns out to be reachless and out of control. I had told her, calm down, take a rest, breath. But, nothing.

Girl, it´s over now. Please, give up. It doesn´t work that way, and you know it. We need you. We need your sweetness and compassion. Where are you? They are going to leave you. As you secretly wish, because you don´t know another way to be treated that from hate to hate. It´s serious now. You had gone too far. Please, return. It becomes more complicated with time. I had warned you. Don´t buy all that shit they say about you. You are much more than that. You need to remember who you are. Not the fence defense, just the true heart. Don´t let them beat you, Don´t do that to yourself.

tramparaña de migrañas, la niña ya ha sido dañada: engañada.

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